We are

Creates the lasting impressions
to help you achieve more
with your business.


Our Services

We believe in creating clean and intelligent User Interfaces that engage
the widest spectrum of your online audience.

Graphic Design

Just let us know what you're looking for,
We know how to provide the right look.

Website Design

Every impression counts when it comes to capturing customers online,
As your partner for custom web design and development,
BLUE Design creates lasting impressions to help you achieve more with your business.

Marketing Services

You create the advertisements that convey
your message and let us do the work of placing those ads.
Regardless of your location.

Printing Solution

Already have a design and need a high quality printer?
Solution Graphics can handle all of your printing needs. In addition to superior print quality and fast delivery, we oer a large array of print products from business cards to posters, Linen stock to magnets and much more..


About Us
Learn About our Team & Culture.

Karam Alani

General Manager

I am a creative art director
specialized in print ...
design and website design,
who produce strong
impressions and maximum
functionality digital.


Web Development Manager

We do this through appealing
to people’s emotions and connection
with them through
your brand. We draw people in
and turn them into loyal advocates
for your brand both online and offline.

Nawfal N.

Iraq Branch Manager

I provide operational stability and ,
administrative support for the Design,
team. I strive to improve our internal
processes and increase efficiency
across the company to ensure we
continually provide quality client


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